Kazuma Surfboards

Kazuma Surf Boards

I remember catching my first wave while learning in Costa Rica. Wow, what a rush! I can understand the passion surrounding the whole surfing lifestyle and culture. We envy Matt Kazuma Kinoshita and his crew for their endless days of sun and big waves on the island of Maui. While in Maui I had the opportunity to visit his shop, Kazuma Surfboards, and see the board making process in person. Very cool! All boards are built on-site by 10 employees with over 125 years of building and design experience, and it shows. Matt Kazuma has been at it for over 20 years and has become one of Hawaii’s top surfboard manufacturers (considering the culture, that is a awesome accomplishment!). This complete in-house manufacturing sets them apart from their competition and bought by locals and professionals abroad. Hang loose!