Titanium Cutlery Set

Lose the plastic and still save weight with a Titanium Cutlery Set. A decent cutlery set is essential to any camping trip but for some reason they’re always overlooked or forgotten. Plastic does the job, but they frequently snap and need to be replaced, and if you’re still styling the old school stainless steel, you will definitely appreciate a reduction in weight. The Esbit Titanium set is ultralight, durable, heat-resistant and non-corrosive. With excessive force they may bend but unlike plastic you won’t end up with two useless pieces. As you already know, titanium is extremely strong and light, but is also hypoallergenic, non-toxic and highly biocompatible. This set comes with a fork, deep spoon and serrated knife that actually cuts stuff, and will easily last the life of your camping career.

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Esbit Titanium Cutlery Set